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Strength Training Classes


Strength Training is a crucial element of the fitness process that builds lean muscle, allowing the body's metabolism to run efficiently! Giving your body the strength it needs to live your life with optimal functionality is a fundamental part of fitness for beginners. At Shred512, we use a variety of strengthening tools to help you build that foundation. From kettlebells to resistance bands: plyo boxes to sled runs - we take a personal training approach to your needs and deliver workouts that work for YOU. Shred512 offers Strength Training classes that target specific parts of your body (like our butt and legs class) or options that give you all-over Strength Training.

HIIT Classes

Shred512 offers a variety of HIIT classes (High Intensity Interval Training) aimed at bettering all areas of your personal fitness: from improving your posture, flexibility, and cardiovascular health to increasing your agility and strength. The fast-paced environment HIIT offers focuses on endurance and stamina training by pushing hard for short bursts of high cardio exercise then entering periods of rest/recovery. Using the HIIT format  for our classes allows your body to continue burning calories long after you've left our gym.


Shred512 Fitness


Our Trainers are the Difference!

As you take in every aspect of our workout templates, you'll also get personalized attention and coaching that comes from our Shred certified and experienced personal training experts! They are full of energy and always pushing you to your next goal. They have trained all areas of fitness, all ages and experience levels. They are here to walk you through every step and every modification to make YOU successful.


Shred512 Fitness
Shred512 Fitness

What Happens in Class?

What our members are saying...

Monica N.

It’s a group class setting, they also offer private classes as well. Everyone I’ve met has been inviting and friendly. Take the free intro class, you owe it to yourself. I think of my membership as an investment in myself. I’m a better mom, friend, and wife after a good workout."

Vanessa G.

"Love this place!!! The facility and equipment are nice and clean. Trainers and employees are all so friendly and helpful. The workouts are great for all levels because the trainers can help modify if necessary. Best part for me is feeling comfortable leaving my toddler in childcare because the girls are wonderful with the kids and I get a little time to focus on myself!"

Amber M.

“Shred512 is amazing! The owners are two people that truly have a passion for this, Laura is the sweetest, most dedicated person I know. The pure fact that a daycare is offered shows you that they want to help you! They offer modified workout for pregnancy. With our first little one on the way, I know I won't have any issue getting back into the gym with Shred512! It's in a great location, and has a few different programs. The pricing is excellent for what you get! Check it out today!”
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