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Shred512 Fitness


How do I start shredding?

The best way to start shredding is with your first FREE WEEK of classes! Register HERE.

What can I expect at my first class?

Shred512 is designed to provide optimal results in our signature 45min, 60min, 75min and 90min classes. Expect to sweat, expect expert trainers, and expect to have FUN!

What should I bring to my first class?

We recommend bringing a water bottle and towel, otherwise we provide any exercise tools you’ll need!

Do you provide childcare?

We love providing the ultimate workout, which includes childcare - so you can focus on YOU! 

Do I need to get in-shape before I come to class?

Beginners are always welcomed! We are geared toward all fitness levels, all of the time. Our workouts are scalable at any level and modifications are always provided. We do recommend trying our first FREE WEEK of classes! Come as you are!

How many calories can I burn?

Everyone is different! Your results are a direct result of a combination of body weight + effort. It is possible to burn 700-1000 calories in any of our 60-minute classes, decreasing calorie burn in correlation with shorter class times. 

The BEST news? Your calorie burn keeps going even after you leave the studio! Your body will continue to receive “the after burn” from the work you put in at Shred512. Keep on doing your daily activities and the calories will continue to burn!

Why do the classes vary based on different body parts?

One of the core components of Shred512 is our method of alternating workouts based on body parts/muscle groups! Overworking one single part of the body over multiple days isn’t healthy. For your safety, we switch muscle groups to allow rest which greatly reduces injury. We also want to target different parts of the body for greater results! Booty gains? Try the Butt and Legs class!

I have concerns about a prior injury. Can I still workout?

If your doctor says yes, so do we! Our trainers are equipped to provide different options on each exercise and movement. We offer low impact modifications to allow optimal body movement for everyone. Let our trainers know of any physical limitations or injuries before getting started so we can modify for you every step of the way! Even through injury, we can pave your way to physical success.

I'm pregnant! Can I still workout?

First, consult with your doctor to assure you are approved for exercise. Let our staff and trainers know of your pregnancy so we can provide modifications along your journey. After delivery, consult with your doctor to know the best time to return to exercise.

How do I book a class?

We make booking classes easy! Book your first class by signing up with the app or calling our studio. Once you’re a Shred512 member, download our app and start viewing the schedules, trainers and booking your classes! You can book an entire month ahead of time to stay committed to your fitness journey!

How early should I arrive to my first Shred512 workout?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes early to your first class. This gives you ample time to check in, meet your trainer, and review your fitness goals (including any required modifications).

App Questions

How do I know my username?

Your username is always created under your email address.

My password is not recognized?

This message is received for first-time app users. All first time app users must click "Forgot Password" to set up desired password upon first login. 

Uh Oh! I never got my verification email?

There are 3 large reasons why you may not have received your verification code, but don't worry they can be fixed!

  1. Time - Let's give it a little time.  The verification code is typically sent within 2 minutes. However, it can take up to 5 minutes. You may want to log out of your email and back in to view the received email. 

  2. Email Address Errors - Sometimes it can be human error - we all make mistakes sometimes. We have found that over 50% of users who did not receive their verification code actually entered their email address with errors. For example, doedoe@gmai.con or dodoe@comcastl.ner rather than or or rather than The email address that was entered is the email address that will receive a verification code. Therefore, check that the address you entered is 100% accurate. Entering the email address incorrectly means you will never receive the verification code, yikes!

  3. Spam, Spam and more Spam! - Security can be too good, sometimes intercepting our emails. Check your spam or junk folder if the verification email is not in your immediate inbox. It may have been intercepted and placed in Spam or automatically filtered and deleted by the Firewall.Below we have included instructions on how to whitelist emails from to ensure you always get the emails you need from us! 



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