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Modify Your Membership with SHRED512 Fitness

We hate to see you go but we understand that sometimes things come up! Before you modify your membership, we want to assure you know all the options available!

All of these options will maintain your membership status with us at Shred512 Fitness in one way or another without losing your strong body lifestyle:

  • Need to take a break? We got you!! All of our locations offer an option to freeze your monthly membership for a small amount in place of your monthly billing in order to maintain your rate so you’re able to jump back in with the weights and HIIT when you’re ready!

  • Not sure if you’re able to come as often as you’d like? We have a variety of membership options to choose from and can easily downgrade your monthly membership to a lower level with fewer monthly sessions to ensure you’re getting the most out of your membership!

  • Want more flexibility? We also have class packages that don’t require a monthly commitment and offer flexible usage of those classes at your own pace.

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