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Mobile App Questions

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Here are the Answers you've been looking for: 

Logging into App Questions!

How do I know my username?

Your username is always created under your email address.

My password is not recognized?

This message is received for first-time app users. All first time app users must click "Forgot Password" to set up desired password upon first login. 

Uh Oh! I never got my verification email?

There are 3 large reasons why you may not have received your verification code, but don't worry they can be fixed!

  1. Time - Let's give it a little time.  The verification code is typically sent within 2 minutes. However, it can take up to 5 minutes. You may want to log out of your email and back in to view the received email. 

  2. Email Address Errors - Sometimes it can be human error - we all make mistakes sometimes. We have found that over 50% of users who did not receive their verification code actually entered their email address with errors. For example, doedoe@gmai.con or dodoe@comcastl.ner rather than or or rather than The email address that was entered is the email address that will receive a verification code. Therefore, check that the address you entered is 100% accurate. Entering the email address incorrectly means you will never receive the verification code, yikes!

  3. Spam, Spam and more Spam! - Security can be too good, sometimes intercepting our emails. Check your spam or junk folder if the verification email is not in your immediate inbox. It may have been intercepted and placed in Spam or automatically filtered and deleted by the Firewall.Below we have included instructions on how to whitelist emails from to ensure you always get the emails you need from us! 

I received more than 1 verification email, which do I use?

If you received more than 1 verification email, use the most recent email. 

How will I know that my app login is associated to my membership?

By always using the email address on file, your app will be connected to your associated membership!

Booking Class Questions!

How do I book a class?

Once logged into the app, choose "Book a Class." 

How do I know who is the trainer for any class?

After clicking on a class in the app you will see the Trainer name listed! You can also filter by Trainer in the app as well but we encourage you to take on all our Trainers custom classes!

How do I know if a class has a waitlist?

When viewing all classes, if a class has a waitlist it will state "Waitlist" on the right hand side. 

Can I see how many people are in class?

Once a class hits 50% capacity the class will show "8 of 16 spots available".

I've canceled a class but my class pack has not been credited back?

Your cancelled class can take up to 2 hours to be credited back to you in the app. 

How far out in advance can I book classes?

You can book classes 1 month out! Happy booking!!

Profile Questions!

Why can't I update my email in the app?

At this time you are unable to update your email in the app, but do not worry - let your studio know of an email update and we can do it on our end!

Can I update my credit card?

Yes! Click on "Profile" in the app and choose "Billing" to update your card information. 

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